John DeFord

John /DeFord/
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Birth: 1771 Queen Anne's Co, MD
Death: December 25, 1873Carroll Co, Oh
Citation details: Biography of William DeFord

When the war of the Revolution broke out John DeFord, son of the above Jean and grandfather of the subject, entered the American army and did heroic service for the country in many campaigns and noted battles, besides losing the bulk of hisfortune during the struggle. Having confidence in the integrity of the colonial government, he converted much of his property into continental script, which finally became so much worthless paper, entailing upon him a loss from which it took hima long time to recover. At the close of the war he migrated from Maryland to what is now Fayette county, Pennsylvania, at that time Westmoreland county, where two of his sons, John and Marchard, were then living, selecting for his future home atract of land near Redstone creek. He cleared and developed a farm and in due time became widely and favorably known as a man of affairs, taking an active interest in the material development of the country and by his correct conduct adding muchto the social and moral status of the community in which he resided. The death of this worthy citizen was the result of an accident under the following circumstances: Having occasion to carry a grist of grain to a mill on the Redstone, he threwthe sack across the back of his horse and mounting behind made the trip in safety and, as was the custom, waited until the grain was converted into flour. On his way home he led the horse until reaching the ford, when he again mounted and to makesure of crossing the creek took the sack of flour in front of him, letting it rest upon his knees and against his body. Being a very portly man, of great weight, he was obliged to lift the sack of flour as high as his chest and in so doingruptured an internal blood vessel, from the effects of which he died before reaching home.

Citation details: Biography of William DeFord