Mary A. Cox, 1894

Mary A. /Cox/
Given names
Mary A.
Death of a paternal grandmother
Cause: Heart Disease
Citation details: Book 4 Page 65

COX, Sallie - d. 1894 Nov 8 of heart dis in Augusta, b. res. same, 57y 3m 9d, par: William & Jane Baxter, married, farmwife.

Death of a mother
Cause: Typhoid
Citation details: Book 4 Page 65

COX, Minnie F. - d. 1895 Oct 8 of typhoid in Minerva, b. Canton, OH, 21y 6m 28d, married, hskpr.

Burial of a mother
Cemetery: Augusta Cemetery, Augusta, Carroll, OH
Citation details: Page 15

Records the burial of Minnie F. Cos in Section A, Row 17, Augusta Cemetery.

Death of a maternal grandmother
1907 (aged 13 years)
Burial of a maternal grandmother
Cemetery: Augusta, Carroll, Ohio
Death of a paternal grandfather
Cause: Septicemia r/t ulcers caused by malnutrition
Address: Carrollton, Oh
Citation details: 1909-54,923

Carr Co, Wash Tp, Jacob Cox, ml, wh Born 1835?? Inmate of infirmary. Died 23 Nov 1909 @ 10am of Septicemia d/t numerous sloughing ulcers caz by malnutrition and lowered vitality, secondary to paralysis of right side of abt 5 yrs. C.R. Zeigler, MD. Bur Aug, Oh 24 Nov. Inf: Thos Patterson, Carrollton.

Burial of a paternal grandfather
Note: Jacob Cox is buried in an unmarked grave. It is not known exactly where he is buried. He could be buried with his son, Emerson Cox, in Section A, Row 17, or he might be buried near his brother-in-law, David Baxter, in Section B, Row 1. Or hemight be in a completely different area altogether. We just don't know.
Death of a maternal grandfather
April 14, 1910 (aged 16 years)
Citation details: No. 5935 Doc H Page 272


"Sue Fisher Hyatt being duly sworn, says that John Hyatt, a resident of the township of Brown in said county, died on or about the 14th day of April, A.D. 1910, leaving Sue Fisher Hyatt, his widow, whose p.o. address is Minerva, Ohio, and the following persons his only heirs at law:

George Eckels, Half Brother, East Liverpool
John Hughes, Nephew, East Liverpool
? Hughes, Nephew, East Liverpool
Emma Hughes, Niece, East Liverpool
Nettie Hughes Small, Niece, East Liverpool

The last four names being the children of ? Hughes, deceased, who a sister of said decedent.

Burial of a maternal grandfather
Cemetery: Augusta Cemetery, Sec B, Row 6

Date of Interment 16 Apr 1910; Name of Deceased, John Hyatt; Cause of death Organic heart trouble; Place of Death, Minerva; Undertaker, J. M. Stewart, Minerva.

Death of a father
Cause: Bronchiopneumonia, secondary to Influenza
Citation details: Volume #2797, Certificate #82870

COX, Emerson Death date: 11/26/1918, Stark County

Citation details: 1918-82,870

1918-82,870 COX, Emerson
Minerva, Stark Co, Oh male, white, married Building & contracting; Lumber dealer
Born 13 Jun 1871, Augusta Tp to Jacob Cox, b ? & Unknown, b ?
Died 26 Nov 1918 47-10-23 of Bronchiopneumonia, secondary to Influenza
Buried 29 Nov Augusta Cemetery, Aug, Oh Informant: Wm Cox

Burial of a father
Cemetery: Augusta Cemetery, Section A, Row 17

Permit 27, Date of Interment Nov. 29, 1918; Name of Deceased, Emerson Cox; Cause of death, Pneumonia Broncs(?); Place of death, Minerva; Undertaker, J. M. Stewart, Minerva.

Citation details: 1918-82,870
Death of a brother
Burial of a brother
Cemetery: East Lawn Cemetery, Minerva, Oh
Address: Section A, row 1
Death of a brother
1962 (aged 68 years)
Family with parents
Birth: June 13, 1870 35 32 Augusta Tp, Carroll Co, Ohio
Death: November 26, 1918Minerva, Stark County, Ohio
Birth: 1874 32 28 Canton, Stark, Ohio
Death: October 8, 1895Minerva, OH
Religious marriage Religious marriageOctober 16, 1889Carroll County, Ohio
4 years
-2 years
elder brother
Birth: August 19, 1891 21 17 Carroll Co, Oh
Death: February 13, 1920Carroll Co, Oh?
-7 months
elder brother
Father’s family with Della Unknown
Birth: June 13, 1870 35 32 Augusta Tp, Carroll Co, Ohio
Death: November 26, 1918Minerva, Stark County, Ohio