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Citation details: Biography of William DeFord

WILLIAM DeFORD.-- In the history of eastern Ohio few names are as prominent as that of DeFord. Those who bore it in early days were men of character, position, positive convictions and great personal force and it is needless to state that thesewith other admirable qualities have been displayed by their descendants from the pioneer period to the present time. As the name implies, the DeFord family is of French origin. Of the ancestral history little is known beyond certain factsconnected with the life of one Jean DeFord, who with his wife, Marie (nee Marchand), was a native of France and a devout Huguenot in a time when to avow Protestantism was equivalent to confiscation of property if not death. On the revocation ofthe edict of Nates, in 1686, Jean DeFord and wife, together with members of their respective families and others of like faith, fled from the city of Toulouse and, after various experiences, finally sailed for the new world, which they reached indue time, settling in Kent county, Maryland, where freedom of conscience was then allowed. Mr. and Mrs. DeFord had been married but a short time before their escape and were both young and without children when they reached their destination onthe shores of Maryland. After coming to this country, they reared a large family of thirteen sons and one daughter, the latter in young womanhood marrying a prominent business man in the city of Philadelphia by the name of Merchant. From thesons all the DeFords in the United States are descended, the father, Jean (or John, as the name has since been anglicized), being the great-grandfather of William DeFord. The old family Bible containing the names of the early DeFords was broughtto America by Jean DeFord and is in possession of a relative living in the city of Baltimore. It is a well-preserved volume, bound in canvas-covered boards, with large bronze hinges and clasps, very clear, legible print and by reason of its earlydate and long continuance in the family has a value far greater than mere dollars and cents.

Citation details: Biography of William DeFord