John Gobeli

John /Gobeli/
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Birth of a daughter
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Catharina Yennie

Marriage of a daughter
Marriage of a daughter
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FOR $100 A Man Sells His Wife and Children THEN HE LEAVES
For His Native Country Across the Sea - A Singular Transaction that Took Place at Beloit
A singular affair, authenicated beyond question comes to us from Beloit. It is nothing more or less than the sale of a wife and several children by the husband and father for $100. The facts appear as follows:
Jacob Zeller, aged about 50, is a native of Switzerland. He came to this country a number of years ago brining with him a second wife. The pair have five or six children, their ages ranging from two to twelve years. The other party in questionis Brecht Yenni, a cheese maker who is employed in a factory near Beloit. Brecht is a single man and has some property. Zeller has not been thirfty and is without means.
A year ago last spring Zeller and Yenne, in partnership, rented the Allison farm near Beloit, and worked it together. The partnership was dissolved on the first of last April. A growing friendship was developed between Yenne and Mrs Zeller andas the outcome of negotiations between the two men, it was agreed that Yenne should pay Zeller $100 in consideration of which he should have Zeller's wife and children, while Zeller would leave for Switzerland, never to return.
The money was paid by Yenne last Sunday in the presence of a reputable witness and Zeller relinguished all claims upon his family. He was to leave for Switzerland today.

Date of entry in original source: June 19, 1897
Death of a daughter
Citation details: 1935-34,532

Catharina Yennie

John Gobeli + … …
Birth: October 1, 1868 Canton Berne, Switzerland
Death: May 9, 1935RD #1, Homeworth, Columbiana Co, Oh