John Alford + Agnes Hannah

1 child
Birth: 1509 34 24 Whitestaunton, Somerset, England
Death: December 22, 1575Whitestaunton, Somerset, England
Birth: about 1475 20 20 Whitestaunton, Somerset, England
Death: about 1530Whitestaunton, Chard, Somerset, England
Birth: 1455 25 Whitestaunton, South Somerset District, Somerset, England
Death: December 22, 1536Bishops Tawton, Devon, England, United Kingdom
Birth: 1455Suffolk, England
Death: Suffolk, England
Birth: 1485Whitestaunton, Somerset, England
Death: 1530Whitestaunton, Somerset, England

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JOHN ALFORD was born about 1475 of Whitestaunton, Somerset, England, to Thomas Alford (1455-1536) and Francis Powell (1455-.) He married Agnes Hannah Unknown about 1505 of Whitestaunton, Chard, Somerset, England.

John Alford died about 1530 of Whitestaunton, Chard, Somerset, England, age 45.

St. Andrews Church, Whitestaunton, Somerset, England

John was born in the Parish of Whitestunton, Somerset, England. There is Alford Castle across the Dee River above Chester, England. The Alford connection with the Castle in Cheshire is early and distinct. The Somerset Alvord's became land owners in 1560, The Castle is gone and all that is left are some remains. The name is spelled Alvord, Alford, Alfred, Allord, Olverd, ect.[1]

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• John Alvord or Alford was born about 1475-85 in England, and lived in the parish of Whitestaunton, county Somerset.

The surname Alford os identical with Alford, and is of English origin. There are many variations in Spelling , some of them being Alfred,Alvard,Alvart,Alverd, AllordAlved, Alloord, Alluard,Olford, OlverdOlvord, etc. The principal seat of the family is in England and was in county Somerset, where it was established very early. The name was a place name, derived from Aldeford, a ford across a river. Robertus Dominus De Aldford was governor of a military station, Aldford Castle, commanding and old ford across the Dee above Chester. The connection of the Somerset family with Aldford Castle in Cheshire is early but distinct. The Somerset family became land owners about 1560. The Coat of arms of the Alford family is described as a shield surmounted with the crest; on a wreath of the coulers, a boar's head couped or,in the mouth a broken spear argent.(I) John Alvord or Alford was born about 1475-85 in England and lived in the parish of Witestaunton, County Somerset." The name occurs under Somerset in the Domesday Book. In 1327-28 the name of Thomas Alford and John Alford appear inder the parish of Henstridge, County of Somerset(Subsidy Roll). In 1335-36 and 9 EdwardIII,John Alford of Williton, County of Somerset Clerk, made a grant of a tenement at Williton. In 1484 there died and Alford, who was the Vicar of Cannington, near Bridgewater. In 1520, Thomas Alford acted as patron of the living of Pilton,a village five miles north of Alford, County of Somerset, In 1530 John Alford was a witness to a will

Remains of Alvord Castle

Site of Alvord Castle

Child of John and Agnes Hannah Alford:

1. *ALEXANDER ALVORD (1509-1575)

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