John Nicholas Joss + Catherine Smith

7 children
William F. and Lucy A. Officer Joss
Birth: November 1, 1843 25 23
Death: July 27, 1869Rome, GA
John C. Joss - Civil War Veteran
Birth: July 12, 1846 28 25 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio
Death: June 23, 1922New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas, OH
Birth: September 9, 1849 31 28 Wisconsin
Death: April 17, 1927Maple Heights, Cuyahoga, OH
Birth: 1853 35 32 Michigan
Death: October 9, 1926Ohio
Barbara Joss Hiner Death Certificate
Birth: August 30, 1854 36 33 Chicago, Illinois
Death: March 14, 1927Wellsville, Columbiana County, Ohio
Birth: October 7, 1820 23 22 Philadelphia, Phildelphia, PA
Death: March 10, 1907John C. Joss' Home, New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Cty, OH
Tombstone - Christian and Henrietta Smith
Birth: about April 1, 1797Württemberg, Germany
Death: January 28, 1872

Facts and events

Religious marriage
Citation details: Chapter IV, My Wedding, Page 87

When he came to our house with the minister, I was in the yard cleaning and filling the lard oil lamps, of which we had many. They waited in the parlor till I was ready. The family and Scheurers all came over, and on the 15th of August, 1839,Ibecame the wife of John Joss, to the surprise of many, and no doubt to the regret of his mother, as she thought she had already made a match between her son and a wealthy Swiss farmer's daughter, as to all appearance he would farm and keep thehomestead, wherein she had a dower as long as she lived.

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