Augusta Cemetery Genealogy

Welcome to the Augusta Cemetery GEDCOM file

The Augusta Cemetery is located in Augusta Township, Carroll County, Ohio.  Here is where we post the family histories of those people who are buried in the Augusta Cemetery.  This file is by no means complete.  We post what we can.

If you have family buried in the Augusta Cemetery and would like to update or post your family history, please contact us and we'll give you editing privileges so that the information you have can be added.   The program we are using is Webtrees.  It is an awesome program for posting our gedcom file online and it is extremely user-friendly for anyone interested in posting their own information.

Our main website, which was created using a program from the previous century, has become obsolete in today's browsers.  However, you can still get to a lot of information on that website, which is located at  We are in the process of constructing a new website which is located at  That website is in the very beginning stages, but hopefully in the not-too-distance future, everything will be back in order again.

We hope you enjoy browsing through all the information we have gathered.  We have certainly enjoyed delving into the family histories of the residents of the Augusta Cemetery.  There have been many surprises and a lot of interesting information has been found.  It is truly a history worth preserving.