The Augusta Cemetery Family Trees

Aaron Harding + Margaret Campbell

No children

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Congressman Aaron HardingAaron Harding
Birth: February 20, 1805 47 39Campbellsville, Taylor, Kentucky, United States
Death: December 24, 1875Green, Kentucky, United States
Thomas Harding
Birth: January 8, 1758 41 36Elizabethtown, Union, New Jersey Colony
Death: January 20, 1840Hendricks, Indiana, United States
Sarah Payne
Birth: December 8, 1765Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey
Death: 1844Brownsburg, Hendricks, Indiana, United States

Margaret Campbell
Birth: November 28, 1818Green, Kentucky, United States
Death: February 19, 1858Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky
Family group information
Marriage October 18, 1834
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