The Augusta Cemetery Family Trees

The Rev. R C Flowers + Mary E. “Mamie” Manfull

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Marriage July 3, 1877
Publication: Canton, Oh
Citation details: 6 Jul 1877, Fri, pg 5, col 1 and pg 8, col 4
Rev R.C. Flower and Miss Mamie Manfull of Alliance were married by Dr. Locke at the First M. E. Parsonage, this city on Tuesday of this week. MARRIED: Flowers-Manful- on Tuesday afternoon, Jul 3rd at the Parsonage of the M.E. church, by Rev Dr Locke, Rev R.C. Flowers, Pastor of the Independent Church of Alliance, and Miss Mamie Manful, daughter of C.Manful, Esq. of the last named place.
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